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"Many thanks to RM Medics for their steadfast support and commitment towards me. Having been part of this great organisation for the last 6 years, I can attest to the awesome service that you provide. From my perspective, it has been a tremendous 6 years filled with achievements in both personal and professional goals. 
My esteem regards to the unique team of staffs for their high level of professionalism and expertise in the fantastic manner they render their service. Can I specifically mention Dickson Kamau in this regards; a well rounded HR consultant with exceptional qualities who normally comes across as kind, deligent and smart. I never cease to appreciate his gentle nature that makes him approachable and trustworthy. Words can not express how grateful I am towards his selflessness and willingness to help at any given time. I am intrigued by his ability to achieve set targets and goals and I look forward to working with him along with this incredible organisation. My utmost regards to you all and thank you Dickson for all your efforts towards me. "

Dr M.U.

Grade/Speciality: REG ED/MED

"I'd like to express my satisfaction, working with RM Medics as a locum Doctor for over a year now.
Having worked with other recruiting agencies, I can say RM medics has been the most reliable and consistent agency I've worked with, thanks to my Recruitment Consultant, Ryhan who checks up on me regularly, assuring me of looking out for possible shifts for me, and ensuring I get everything booked when I finally get one."

Dr S.I.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"I am a doctor with NES.

It has been a pleasure working for RM medics and i have been with RM medics since 2015. Working with RM medics has change the course of my life for the better financially and I can authoritatively say you are a fantastic agency,  RM is a five star agency.
I would also like to say that Mr Dickson Kamau has been my consultant since last 2017 and he has been doing a wonderful job getting me jobs.
Dickson's relates with me in a professional and respectful manner and he delivers even when least expected. 
I have had 3 consultants before Mr Dickson and he has surpassed everyone of them. 
His attitude to work is superb and his knowledge and understanding of the job is above board.
I will like to give Kudos to all the other members of staff and I pray that our relationship continues to improve and wax stronger.
God bless us all."

Dr. F.O.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"I am on my first job contracted through the agency at Royal Bolton Hospital 
What has gone well?
1. I was very pleased that you were able to secure this post for me within a very short period of time after withdrawal of a previous job at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn
2. The process from start to finish was excellent with clear instructions on what to do on day of reporting to work
3. Accommodation arrangements were very smooth and timely 
4. Dickson put me in touch with a colleague who was working in the unit who willingly answered all my questions 
5. Through Dickson, I was offered a 50% rebate on my monthly rent which is much appreciated 
6. Dickson has been a great source of support right from the beginning "

Dr W.M.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"You are the best consultant i have worked with . You are very professional. You look after your client and make them be part of the team. 
 You keep in touch with your client and communication effectively .  I will recommend you to any doctor anytime. "

I enjoy working with you.

Dr C.A.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

" I have been doing locums with RM Medics for nearly a year now. I must say it has been a great experience. Ryhan Rahman is an excellent agent . He communicates clearly and gets work lined up always . He even checks  to see if your shift went well . Great guy !! "

Dr. M.W.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"Working with RM Medics has been a wonderful experience. 
The staff have been very friendly and helpful in identifying great opportunities for me to work as a locum doctor. 
I also have a very good professional relationship with my recruitment consultant, Dickson Kamau, who has always added that personal touch to the service provided by the company."

Dr O.A.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"I have been working with RM Medics for more than a year. I am very happy with my overall experience. Ryhan in particular was very helpful in organising my mandatory trainings and scheduling my shifts. I would highly recommend RM Medics to my friends and colleagues."

Dr T.R.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"Ryhan Rahman is simply the best consultant by miles. Working with him this past year has been spectacular and because of him, I have stuck to RM medics. I delightfully look forward to working with him and RM medics in the future"

Dr A.Y.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"It has been a privilege to work with Ryhan and he has been really helpful in getting me shifts throughout the year. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking locum work"

Dr O.N.

Grade/Speciality: SHO ED/MED

"I am really happy working with you guys .
I have to admit that you’re very professional , next to the doctor anytime and all the time and I am more than happy to continue working with you .
It’s very important for me to mention especially working with Jack Warwick and Abu Fatah is an absolute pleasure and taking this email as an opportunity to THANK YOU both for your kind and continuous support ."


Dr S.P.

Grade/Speciality: SPR A&E

"This is my first contact with RM Medics. My consultant is has been Mr. Dickson Kamau who been a wonderful consultant. He has been very dedicated, supportive and caring. I'm very happy to award him 10/10 points. I wish him the best of luck during this though time of crisis."

Dr N.A.

Grade/Speciality: SHO Obs & Gynae

"Jack has turned to being family for most of us at RM Medics. He is a very skilled and professional gentleman in both human and crisis management. He is a problem solver and relentless in his quest make the doctors under him happy. I have referred quite a handful of doctors to Jack and I believed they would all feel the same way I have described him. Jack is the reason I never considered working for any other agency.

Jack Wildman for Prime Minister."

Dr O.A.

Grade/Speciality: SHO A&E

"Jack Wildman has been my Recruitment Consultant for the last couple of months and he has indeed been a wonderful person in every aspect. he handles most of my friends and I can say He is the best of us all. He ensures you get a booking ahead most times and if the worst should come, he would ensure you get a late minute booking. RM Medics is a wonderful recruitment agency and I am happy to have worked and keep working for you guys. A big kudos to Jack Wildman once again. God bless."

Dr A.A.

Grade/Speciality: SHO A&E

“The training was very interactive and made easy. There was participation and feedback which helped with understanding.”

Dr L.P

Grade/Speciality: SHO A&E | Region: East of England

“The fact that participation and interaction were strongly encouraged along with excellent feedback was brilliant.”

Dr G.O

Grade/Speciality: SHO A&E | Region: Cambridgeshire

“It has been a great pleasure working wit RM Medics. Jack has really made working with a locum agency a fantastic and worthwhile experience because of his professionalism, passion and friendliness. RM Medics comes across as a very lovely, supportive and excellent locum agency. I absolutely would recommend RM Medics to my colleagues.”

Dr A.O

Grade/Speciality: SHO – Surgery | Region: West Midlands

“I am impressed by the service provided by yourself and your colleagues. You have been very patiently and keenly looking for vacancies to suit me. You all provide remarkable service.”

Dr R.C

Grade/Speciality: Staff Grade – Surgery | Region: North West

“I want to let you know that I am really glad that I have met you through RM Medics. You always listen to me carefully and give me jobs accordingly. Also you have developed a good relationship with me. I am sure you do it with your other clients as well. I always feel comfortable speaking with you and feel like I am talking with a friend. It is really nice meeting you.”

Dr A.S

Grade/Speciality: SHO Medicine | Region: London

“I have worked with quite a few Locum agencies in the past but found RM Medics to meet all my expectations. They offer tailor made but standard service to their Locum doctors and I have also developed good relationship with the recruitment consultants, some of whom have become personal friends and have been looking after me during the course of our working together”

Dr A.A

Grade/Speciality: SHO Medicine | Region: West Midlands

“I was introduced to RM medics by a friend about 3 years ago, at which point I had stopped working with locum agencies due to blatant disregard in treatment of their doctors. Easy to say I haven’t looked back since. As a doctor that has always been in a substantive role, I have had a genuinely productive working relationship with the team and can say I have not had the need to work with any other agency. RM medics have got very competitive working rates, which mean value for my time. They have been very professional. Worth mentioning Mudasar is a delight to work with!!”

Dr I.S

Grade/Speciality: SHO/SPR | Region: Coventry

“I am extremely pleased with the service I am afforded with RM medics. I would absolutely recommend them to all by colleagues and friends.”

Dr Feaz Babwah

Grade/Speciality: Registrar Medicine | Region: West Midlands

And our Clients...

"Since taking over the management of the Emergency Department Medical Staffing rota in October 2019 we have built a close working relationship with Meghan.   We have always found her extremely "helpful in trying to fill our rota gaps and communicates well with all of the team.  She is our “go to” person when we have short notice gaps and we tend to offer them first to RM Medics due to the calibre of Middle Grades that are on offer.
I am also able to contact Meghan out of normal working hours if there if a vacancy suddenly becomes available at weekends.  She will often inform us of the availability of her doctors so we know if we have a sudden shortfall we can make contact to fill that gap."

Client: NHS Hosptial

“Chloe is a very hard working person and is always there when there are urgent shifts need filling. She always keeps me updated with any information that I require”

NHS Client

Region: Essex

“Imogen is a very helpful and professional member of staff. She is always on hand to help out when the Trust has urgent shifts that need filling against the clock. Confirmations are always sent through promptly and if there is any issues I am kept up to date at all times”


Region: Essex

“I have worked with Meghan in providing locums for the Emergency Department for a number of years.

I have always found her to be extremely helpful, she is able to secure locums for us at short notice, and when other agencies are unable to do so.

She is always very pleasant, kind and courteous and I would have no hesitation in working with her in the future.”

Client NHS Hospital

Region: London

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