Training & Development

Online courses are often not enough and many frameworks are requiring that face – to – face BLS training is completed as part of their requirements.

This BLS course is designed to teach you how to deal with immediately life threatening symptons, such as sudden cardiac arrest, choking & unconscious patients. The BLS for Healthcare Providers Course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use a defibrillator and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. 

Multiple members of our team are fully qualified to teach BLS. Whether you want to learn on a 1 to 1 basis or as part of a group, we can facilitate this to assure you are taught this basic but necessary course in an environment that suits you. We provide all the training equipment needed in a relaxed and friendly environment. We will work with you until you earn a pass certificate.

RM Medics BLS training is reserved exclusively for those already working with us at no cost! Speak to your consultant today to find out more about our next BLS training day! One – to – one training courses are also available.


We understand that the compliance process can often be one of the hardest parts of working with any agency & that is why we offer all our candidates the services of our Road Team!





Our Road Team are friendly, highly trained in all aspects of compliance & prepared to offer a wide range of services meaning after just one visit you could be fully compliant and ready for your next placement with RM Medics.

You no longer have to worry about scanning all your documents, finding nearby places to do your training or getting to your GP and waiting weeks for your blood results.

Most importantly, we get to meet you! Face-to-face contact means you can feedback to our Road Team & agent. This means a stronger relationship where we understand your requirements better. It has also often proved popular where possible for the Road Team member to video call your agent so you can put a face to the name!

The list of services that our road team can offer you is constantly growing & includes: 

  • BLS training

  • Phlebotomy services

  • Full document scanning

  • Interview

  • Mandatory Training


The RM Medics compliance team are trained in the sampling of Blood. Whether you want to pop into the office or have your bloods sampled in the comfort of your own home we are able to accomadate & assure the results are back within two working. 


You are also able to book your mandatory training with RM Medics free of charge. If you require the certificate you can purchase it via our online shop. Simply vist here & select manadtory training certificate. You will also be able to see the wide range of CPD points on offer. Mandatory Training is avaliable to take immediately. 


Training & Development Enquiry

Please include the word training in the subject & what training you would like in the message. You may detail available dates per each item of training & whether you would prefer to visit us or us visit you. We will also keep you posted on upcoming training days. 

We will be in contact shortly.


Appraisal, Revalidation & RM Medics as your Designated Body

As part of our constant efforts to help you remain fit to work, RM Medics is proud to be able to offer you appraisal & revalidation services as part of our designated body status.


What this means for you

As you’ll be fully aware all Doctors registered with the GMC and who hold a UK license to practise must undergo the process of revalidation. It is a statutory requirement and has been since December 2012. Revalidation must be under taken every 5 years. You must also have an annual appraisal with a Registered Officer to accompany the revalidation.


RM Medics as your Designated Body

A designated body is an agency who is responsible for providing you with a Responsible Officer and access to appraisal services. You will have a prescribed connection to an agency (Designated Body) who you do the majority of your work for.   In your case this may well be RM Medics Ltd.


“What if I do not have a prescribed connection?”

We are also able to provide appraisal services to Doctors who do not have a prescribed connection to a designated body. We can give advice and guidance to assure you follow the easiest route based on your requirements.


Advantages of having a prescribed connection to RM Medics

  • No need to submit an annual return to the GMC (any Doctor without a prescribed connection to a designated body will be required to submit an annual return to the GMC)

  • Access to a Responsible Officer to support you through revalidation

  • Kudos of working for a designated body

  • No need to undertake an exam at a cost of £1100 (Exams are coming into force in 2016 for any Doctor who does not have a prescribed connection to a designated body)


What is an appraisal?

The appraisal is a process whereby a 1-1 meeting (face to face or via Skype) is held with a trained appraiser.  The appraisal process is confidential and constitutes a discussion with reflection on your previous 12 months practise, the opportunity to review the supporting evidence presented and the opportunity to discuss and agree a professional development plan for the forthcoming 12 months.  As a Doctor, through this process, you must provide supporting evidence that demonstrates you are meeting the domains of Good Medical Practise.


An appraisal is not:

  • An interview

  • A pass or fail exercise

  • A judgemental process


What is revalidation?

Revalidation is a 5-year cycle and the end result of the appraisal process.  The Responsible Officer of your Designated Body (RM Medics) will make a judgement on your fitness to practice based on your previous appraisal outcomes and progression against your Professional Development Plans.  The end result is either a positive revalidation, a deferral, or non-engagement.  All Doctors are expected to participate in the yearly appraisal process and provide evidence of such (by way of appraisal outcome) to their Responsible Officer.  Speak to your agent today to find out more about our Responsible Officer.


What is next?

Please complete the below form and we will be in touch to discuss your needs and help you personally or call 01234 480 999 and we will arrange a convenient time for the revalidation team to contact you:

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