BMJ Careers Fair 2016: In review

RM Medics BMJ Careers Fair

The BMJ held its annual Careers Fair at the Business Design Centre in Islington this weekend (21-22 October 2016) and RM Medics was in attendance to meet some of its current candidates as well as some new faces seeking advice about or a change in their career.

RM Medics BMJ Careers Fair

The BMJ Careers Fair offers healthcare professionals in attendance the opportunity to attend a wide range of seminars that can be self-certified towards their continuing professional development. If you attended and are yet to do this make sure you look at the insert in the Event Guide & Seminar Programme.

It also gave delegates the opportunity to explore a range of opportunities through the various exhibitors in attendance at the fair.

RM Medics and sister company RM Nursing were in attendance for the entirety of the two day event and spoke to hundreds of the healthcare professionals on a one to one basis.

Adopting the bespoke approach that is so key to what RM Medics is about, our team were on hand to speak to delegates with the aim of establishing what they were looking to get out of the careers fair and how RM Medics might be able to help them achieve these goals.

For some it was seeking experience in new areas or looking to explore where their career might take them. For others it was a chance to explore opportunities in new areas of the country (maybe where they are looking to relocate). Some had even been out of practice for a while due to other family and lifestyle commitments and RM Medics was on hand to offer them a gateway back into their chosen career.

This is just a small glimpse into the wide range of delegates we met, all with a

RM Medics BMJ Careers Fair

different story and different ambitions, looking for different outcomes from the fair.

We also enjoyed meeting with some of our current candidates & getting some first-hand feedback on what we are doing right & what more we can do to make the service perfect for them as an individual. We relish any opportunity to tailor our service per candidate.

The two day looks set to take place again next year in the historic picturesque Business Design Centre & we recommend all those that work in the healthcare sector attend as there is something for everyone!

BMJ Careers Fair 2016 RM Medics

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